Created by Gamers for Gamers. That's our "catch line", our very own truth. But what exactly does it mean?

We Grind Games started as an idea. After some time it became a desire, and it quickly developed into a dream. But to make "dreams come true" takes more than an idea, takes action - and here we will explain are some of the things we have been doing for the past 2 years.

Our 1st online store has been active since February of 2018 and it is focused on Neverwinter items and currency. Instead of adding Path of Exile to that store, we believe this game is so diverse it deserved its own store. We are now carrying the We Grind Games brand to a new store, this store, and hopefully to many other games in the future!

Our company is based in North America and we are proud to say that our service is 100% free of any bots or automated softwares. We also don't exploit farmers, that is mostly why we don't try to compete with other stores for the "lowest price" - but we offer the best customer service by far. You will always find a way to reach out to us, such as Discord, Email and Live Chat. We only sell what we have - if an item is in stock, we have it for you. For items not in stock, use the form to message us and request it and we will check price and availability. Our goal is to offer a safe place for all gamers to buy their items - and depending on what you have, even sell to us! Point is WGG is here to make your POE life easier, smoother and to help you get your build together at your own pace.

And back to our main message, we are gamers just like you and we are all over the world, in different time zones, having different lives. We are not just the regular person you see on the outside, we are wannabe heroes. We are adventurers, explorers, knights, generals, hunters, healers... and in some cases we are outlaws or even random furry pets and “sack boys”. Gaming sets you free from your daily routine and allows you to dive into a fantasy world, and there's nothing wrong with that. It's your own place, where you feel empowered, where you are part of a team, where you have a role. Only gamers can understand this language and its meaning. We understand it - So there you have it - We Grind Games: Created by Gamers, for Gamers.

We are also working on promoting and supporting charities and/or helping those in need. We will keep you all updated on this, as we are sure everyone will like to know part of their purchases with us is going to support animal shelters, victims of natural disasters, and more.

Enjoy Path of Exile and skip all of that trade system nonsense! Let us do that for you.


Your beloved Swicked, WGG ruler of everything!